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Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Des Moines
IowaCASA’s mission is to end sexual violence and improve the services that are available to survivors of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault. We work with victim advocates at the sexual assault and sheltering programs across the state, with state and federal policy makers, and with anyone who is supporting survivors or working to end sexual violence in their community. We also have legal services available for survivors of sexual violence. We are so excited to be here with you virtually today, and we cannot wait until we can share physical space together again. The Iowa Governor’s Conference is truly one of our staff’s favorite conferences to table at all year. Unfortunately, queer and trans youth experience sexual violence at higher rates than their straight and cis peers do, and we want to make sure that you know the resources available in your community and across the state. We know that your friends are more likely to talk about issues of violence with you than they are to call us or one of our member programs, so we want to make sure that you have the information you need to provide support, connection, and healing. Beyond that, though, we’re so excited by all of the activism queer and trans youth are doing in your schools, and your communities, and we know that you are the ones who will help end sexual violence for good. We know a lot about how to end violence, and we’d love to chat about the work that you are doing, and how we can best support you. Let’s connect!